South Bucks Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
South Bucks Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
South Bucks Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
South Bucks Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Terms & Conditions


Bookings must be confirmed by email and be accompanied by a signed copy of the Terms & Conditions.


Pets must be in good condition when they arrive for boarding, and should not be showing any signs or symptoms of ill health.


All bookings cancelled within 24 hours will be payable in full.

Aggressive Animals

South Bucks Pet Sitting will not accept animals showing aggressive behaviour for boarding.

If the client's dog shows unreasonable aggressive tendencies whilst being walked, the service will be terminated with immediate effect.

The client agrees to be responsible for all costs should the client's pet bite another animal.

Unforseen Purchases

In the event that additional items need to be purchased, in the absence of the client, that are essential for the animal's health or wellbeing. The client agrees to reimburse the cost of those items.


Client keys will be held in a locked, secure location.

Privacy Policy

All client information will be kept private and confidential and stored in compliance with the data Protection Act 1998.


South Bucks Pet Sitting has valid public liability insurance. The insurance covers South bucks Pet Sitting for the duration of the selected services, and only for services agreed. 

It's the client's responsibility to ensure that the property, contents and pets are adequately insured for the duration of the service.

Household Emergencies

If the client is travelling outside of the UK, they must provide a contact number or nominated contact for use in event of emergencies.

Changes to Return Date

If the client is delayed on return, they must contact South Bucks Pet Sitting so that arrangements can be made for continued service.


South Bucks Pet Sitting accepts payment by cheque / cash or bank transfer.


Pets will be looked after to the highest standards and treated as part of the family. However, South Bucks Pet Sitting cannot accept any responsibility for loss, death or injury to your pets whilst in their care.

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